3.3. Reduction

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Last update: June 2023

Definition and principle

Reduction measures follow avoidance and aim to reduce the permanent or temporary negative impacts of a project on biodiversity, either during the construction phase or the operational phase.

Reduction measures can have several effects on the identified impact. They can consist of reducing either the duration of the impact, its intensity, its extent, or a combination of several of these elements, using the best available techniques to create least impact at a reasonable cost. This includes permanent or temporary direct, indirect, and cumulative impacts. The reduction measures linked to the construction phase may apply to both temporary as well as permanent impacts, depending on their design. Classifying reduction measures is part of the authorisation process for infrastructure. This classification can be important from a regulatory perspective and are, among other factors, part of the follow-up of the project. Classification is also a way to take an analytical approach of the SEA/EIA and to ensure that all aspects of reduction measures have been considered and have resulted in appropriate decisions.


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