Guidelines portal

This ‘Guidelines Portal’ compiles publications and websites providing best practice and guidelines about Transport Ecology topics produced in different countries.
Filter tool facilitates the selection of resources by country and language for each category (publications and websites).

Country: Global
Language: English
Year: 2023

Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch
Year: 2023

Complementary info: aims to provide free resources for those involved in any types of linear infrastructure and transport in order to include the world’s best ecological-practice in projects.
Country: World

Complementary info: GCLIE will compliment the existing continental conferences on transportation ecology, through providing a platform that allows focus on broader, higher-level, global issues and policies that can influence national and international knowledge sharing and bring about positive change.
Country: World

Complementary info: EU-funded BISON project that will identify future research and innovation needs for a better integration of biodiversity with infrastructure planning, construction, operation and decommissioning.
Country: Europe

Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Year: 2021


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